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Estimated completion
16 Cavalry Cres, Hounslow TW4 6EY

Team credits

Inland Homes
TP Bennett
Planning Consultant
Planning Potential
Landscape Architect
M&E / Sustainability Engineer
Transport Consultant
Structural Engineer
Patrick Parsons
Twin & Earth, Communications Potential

Cavalry Barracks

An ex-military site in Hounslow West, Cavalry Barracks first built in 1789, is one of the UK’s best examples of an army barracks that has been redeveloped to create a mixed-use neighbourhood, providing up to 1,600 private and affordable homes in a range of typologies.

The heritage-led masterplan has been developed around the retention and restoration of 14 listed and nine locally listed buildings on the site, that will be converted and sustainably refurbished to create 200 homes, with the new buildings taking inspiration from the historic setting. The scheme includes provision of local amenities such as food stores, a gym and cycle hub, sport and community facilities, creating opportunities for Hounslow’s small enterprises.

Opening the previously walled development, a new network of streets and landscaped greenways link the new neighbourhood back to the local community. The former parade ground will be redeveloped to become a central green common, offering a series of playing fields, play spaces and communal landscaped gardens to be enjoyed by all residents and the public.

Intelligent building positioning, with each cluster of homes surrounding a landscaped green space are designed with fabric first principles providing a balance of daylight and thermal comfort to residents. Energy will be provided through renewable sources, sensitively located in their adjacency to the retained heritage buildings.

Sustainable design principles and a dynamic ecology add to the missing piece of Hounslow’s biodiversity in an area that includes Hounslow Heath and other parks around the masterplan, creating a climate resilient and future focussed neighbourhood for the enjoyment of generations to come.