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Magway, Wincanton, Yoo Capital

West London Delivering

Road transport accounts for 27% of UK CO2 emissions making it the single biggest contributor. The pandemic has accelerated parcel deliveries which are projected to reach 8.5bn in the UK by 2026, nationally e-commerce is predicted to account for 50% of UK retail transactions by 2025. With a population of 9m people, London is the largest market for deliveries and Londoners are amongst the largest users of e-commerce globally. The impact of these deliveries can be seen on the streets of London in terms of congestion, pollution and road safety. Magway is deep tech, zero-emission goods delivery system disrupting the $8.6 trillion global logistics market. Using liner electric motors our mathematical algorithms control the movement of parcels in dedicated pipes. Magway builds on industry-wide revolutions in power electronic controllers, logistics automation, digitised inventories, online ordering, directional tunnelling and clean final mile delivery solutions. To service, London Magway has formed an alliance with partners in logistics, retail, warehouse development, land development, civil engineering and software systems. West London Delivering is a 16km project linking existing warehousing to a corridor of users through new growth areas to the Thames. Via a series of fulfilment nodes 1m+ daytime Londoners connect via a 15min e-cargo bike delivery for receipt and despatch of goods. As a critical piece of future infrastructure, we not only connect automated warehouses and factories with direct delivery to businesses but also enable individuals to have goods delivered either as part of next-generation recycling, for repair or as part of a distributed high-value manufacturing ecosystem. Magway is core to both e-commerce and the circular economy. Currently, in conceptual planning WLD is destined to reduce emissions and congestion making London cleaner, more efficient and a world leader in next-generation infrastructure.


At Yoo Capital we are delivering some of the most innovative inner city regeneration projects. At our Olympia Estate development, we are excited by the potential of a Magway system to improve the service we provide our tenants and visitors as well as how we can help reduce wider carbon emissions and air pollution in the city.

Dominic Holmes Director of Development Yoo Capital


Wincanton is one of the UK’s largest and most innovative logistics companies. We are always looking for new solutions that will make supply chains work better - improving productivity, service levels and sustainability. Magway fits all of these requirements and we are excited to be exploring with the team how such a forward-thinking approach could revolutionise logistics in the UK.

James Wroath Chief Executive Officer Wincanton Plc


The quick, reliable, efficient and sustainable movement of goods around our populous cities is a challenge now and will be for years to come. While traditional methods for moving goods have made significant strides forward, it is also important to continue driving innovation for new solutions, such as Magway, which have the potential to revolutionise distribution and logistics in  a way that benefits businesses, consumers, communities and the environment.

Alan Holland Managing Director Greater London, SEGRO