Opportunity London is the public-private partnership to win capital investment for London. Driving business development and brokerage across real estate, regeneration, infrastructure and energy, with a top focus on affordable housing, life sciences and green assets.

A unique partnership between the City of London, London Councils, Mayor of London and a growing consortium of private sector supporters, London ambassadors and specialist advisors. Enabled by London and Partners and NLA, with a dedicated delivery team and CEO.

Opportunity London is delivered by: 

1. Opportunity: Turning London’s built environment needs into a pipeline of investable opportunities
2. Capital: Pro-actively managing the relationship with London’s most important strategic investors
3. Attract: Promoting opportunities by driving a consistent and positive London narrative to secure investment 

Here, you can explore economic development strategies and investment opportunities borough by borough, see examples of the best development currently being brought forward, and be signposted to the individuals and companies leading this change.

Contact Us: 

Jace Tyrrell, Chief Executive


EA: EA@opportunity.london

Isabel Alonzo, Strategic Partnerships Manager


Yasmin Malik, Investor Relations Manager