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Investment Opportunities

  1. Joyce Avenue and Snell's Park
  2. Meridian Water

Investment Opportunities

Joyce Avenue and Snell's Park

Joyce Avenue and Snell's Park

The regeneration of Joyce and Snell’s presents a unique opportunity to transform the lives of residents in Upper Edmonton. Comprehensive regeneration led by Enfield Council will transform an estate suffering from crime and antisocial behaviour into a welcoming place to live. Over a 20-year period, 795 homes will be replaced by over 2,000 homes, with the aim to secure 50% of all new homes as genuinely affordable. There will be high quality new homes for all existing Council tenants and a variety of intermediate and private homes. The development will feature parks and a new square with community hub that will become the focal point of Upper Edmonton. Residents have supported the Council’s proposals through a strong ‘Yes’ vote in a 2021 GLA ballot. Planning was submitted in 2022 and is currently being redesigned to be future proofed to meet new Building Safety Regulations. Subject to planning, work is due to begin on c 530 homes in late 2024.

Development cost: £850m

Contact: Joanne Drew, Director of Housing and Regeneration,

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Meridian Water

Meridian Water

Meridian Water is one of London’s largest regeneration projects spanning 85 hectares over 25 years. Having invested £400 million, Enfield Council is the master developer bringing 10,000 homes and 6,000 high-quality jobs to Upper Edmonton in North London, next to the Lee Valley Regional Park. There will be 22 Meridian development parcels overall – Countryside is the Council’s development partner for Meridian One. This comprises around 1,000 homes and commercial space at Willoughby Lane, near the Meridian Water station. Further development parcels are being launched to the market in 2024.


With £195 million secured in Government funding, Meridian Water has entered into contract with Taylor Woodrow to deliver an extensive Strategic Infrastructure Works program. This includes two new parks, roads, bridges, environmental and transport improvements that are unlocking future development plots.


Additionally, a vibrant meanwhile program is fostering economic, environmental, and social well-being. Initiatives like Meridian One’s community garden promote inclusivity and health through free food-growing opportunities and social events. The award-winning maker space Bloqs is Europe’s largest open-access workshop space and provides affordable workspace for local businesses across North London. The Enfield Construction Skills Academy opened in 2023 and provides local apprenticeships and education opportunities.


Meridian Water is more than just a housing project; it is a beacon of urban revitalisation that addresses economic, environmental, and social dimensions, contributing positively to the broader community and the regeneration of Enfield as a whole.

Development cost: £6 billion

Contact: Penny Halliday, Director of Meridian Water,

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Enfield is the capital’s most northern borough located in the heart of the strategically important UK Innovation Corridor. Enfield features transformative place shaping programmes that aim to maximise the rate of housing growth, increase the level of economic prosperity, and deliver economic resilience that contributes to London’s reputation as an international centre of business and tourism. Enfield is an urbanised centre with access to the 26-mile-long, 4050-hectare Lee Valley Park, as well as being the logistics and distribution hub of the capital.

Enfield has an important role to play in London’s economic growth over the next 30 years and beyond. There are 13,275 businesses registered in Enfield with 93 per cent of these being small businesses employing 10 people or fewer. The Borough’s proximity to the M25 provides road access to every major city and business centre in the UK and there are five international airports all within one hour by car.


Population projections 2023 333,794

Population projections 2050 391,687


London plan new homes (ten-year target) 12,460

Building council homes for Londoners (four-year programme) 571

  • The blue and green assets have a crucial role to play in the borough’s goal to hit net zero emissions within the next 20 years, with the aim of achieving a 25 per cent increase in blue-green infrastructure whilst protecting existing assets.
  • Enfield was ranked as the 14th most diverse borough in London, with 38.87 per cent of its population Black, Asian and Minority Ethnic. Overseas-born residents make up 39 per cent of the borough’s population.
  • 35 per cent of the population are aged 20 to 44 years old, higher than the England average but significantly lower than the London average.

Brett Leahy, Director of Planning and Growth


“The council has delivered a new agenda with energy and determination, working to deliver a lifetime of opportunities for all our residents. From launching the most ambitious council-led house building programme in the history of the borough, to securing investment for community initiatives to improve the lives of our residents, to bringing new businesses that provide high-skill jobs into Enfield and securing investment in our town centres, we have already achieved significant successes.”

The recent creation of an Inclusive Growth and Skills Service presents an opportunity to transition our approach from a traditional model, where economic development was primarily handled by a standalone team to a holistic council-wide strategy that leverages our role as an employer, purchaser, planning authority, landlord, housing developer, and skills facilitator to support inclusive growth. The service is a crucial resource to drive, coordinate, and ensure the delivery of these areas across teams, departments, and directorates. The service will work towards defining the Council’s approach to how it stimulates inclusive economic growth and configure resources in an optimum way to deliver positive outcomes. Notably, inclusive growth also extends to the benefits it brings to our social services, education, and youth services, as increased investment in the borough strengthens and expands these vital services for the local community.

This approach will provide renewed focus on the corporate priorities of supporting our town centres and local employment as well as provide a vehicle for aligning services towards inclusive economic growth by having a dedicated resource that attracts the right inward investment and funding that supports the right growth.

  • Facilitate the development of skills among local residents to access quality employment opportunities.
  • Support local businesses and encourage investments in growing sectors that provide sustainable jobs for our community.
  • Provide support and advice to residents with low incomes.
  • Develop vibrant, healthy, and inclusive town centres.

Transform our industrial areas into modern, environmentally friendly spaces for businesses.

Contact: Laura Martins, Head of Transformation and Complaints Access to Information Services,


Enfield Local Plan: 

Enfield Council is embarking on an exciting journey of urban and rural evolution with the comprehensive update of its new Local Plan. The emerging new Enfield Local Plan (ELP) will serve as a guiding document for the borough’s spatial development well into the future, up to 2041 and beyond.

At its heart, the ELP represents the borough’s roadmap, guiding the course of its growth. With careful consideration, the plan assesses the forthcoming needs for development in terms of quantity and diversity and strategises the timing and methods of these developments.

Central to the plan is the principle of sustainability. The ELP adeptly balances the imperative for growth with a steadfast commitment to preserving, enhancing and celebrating the borough’s intrinsic local character. It presents a vision of thoughtful development, where each element contributes to the borough’s unique elements without compromising its charm.

As Enfield embraces the future, the new Enfield Local Plan promises a compelling journey – with a blend of expansion, sustainability, and a steadfast respect for the borough’s cherished places.