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Investment Opportunities

  1. Tottenham Hale
  2. Wood Green

Investment Opportunities

Tottenham Hale

Tottenham Hale

Tottenham Hale is seeing significant development investment, backed by Haringey Council and the Mayor of London, including a recently completed transport interchange. Argent Related’s consented schemes are now being brought forward. Around Tottenham Hale Station, five plots of land are being brought together for development into more than 1,000 new homes across seven buildings; 15 new retail spaces; co-working and office space; and space for a new health centre serving 30,000 local people, all joined by three new public squares.

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Wood Green

Wood Green

Wood Green is the heart of Haringey, drawing in people from across the borough and beyond to shop, work and have fun. It is also home to its own bustling and diverse community. Underpinning the sustainable transformation of Wood Green are the themes of sustainable urban living, opportunity on people’s doorsteps and revitalising the town centre. In Wood Green’s Haringey Heartlands site — identified in the London Plan as an Intensification Area — plans for more than 1,700 new homes, a new open space and office and commercial space, is on site and starting to welcome new residents.

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Haringey Council is committed to ensuring than any investment or improvements to the borough will benefit the whole community, bringing new homes including council homes, new jobs and new opportunities, creating inviting public spaces alongside thriving high streets and a robust economy.

We strongly believe that a thriving local economy yields more benefits for Haringey and its residents by providing a sustainable ecosystem of opportunity, value and investment. Our vision is therefore to grow a Good Economy in Haringey – an economy where everyone benefits. 

Our Good Economy Recovery Plan lays the foundations for this and sets out clear priorities to support local businesses, residents, and to invest in our neighbourhoods and communities, extracting social value from every pound spent.

The council places particular priority on investment in Tottenham and Wood Green. These are the areas where both the need and the opportunity are greatest, and we are determined that these areas should reach their full potential and better serve their communities and London more widely. In both, the council has the opportunity to use council land and assets to provide good homes and good jobs, and to inspire the change and investment that the council want to see from others.


Population projections 2021 266,268

Population projections 2050 318,546


London plan new homes (ten-year target) 15,920

Building council homes for Londoners (four-year programme) 848

Under development...

Peter O’Brien, Assistant Director Regeneration and Economic Development

  • Support businesses through recovery and into renewal: we will build an exemplar local business support model that provides a holistic range of services to businesses and demonstrates our commitment to a successful, thriving and green business base in our borough that supports the whole community.
  • Community Wealth Building: we are seeking to harness the spending power of local authorities and local ‘anchor institutions’ to recycle investment through the local economy with the aim to reduce inequality and enhance community resilience and wellbeing. The Council is working to maximise the value of every pound it spends to Haringey’s economy and community through initiatives such as insourcing and our procurement strategy, which looks to support local and smaller providers and recognise social value.
  • Support residents into work and training: support local people to access and secure Good Work including within the Green Economy. Good work: providing London Living Wage, opportunities to progress and improve, as well as providing a pathway out of poverty and supporting better health and wellbeing.
  • Secure social and economic value through investment in our neighbourhoods and communities: investing in our neighbourhoods and communities, with a focus on those disproportionally impacted by COVID-19. We will work with partners who share our values to create a fairer and more equal borough by delivering new and improved homes, green, safe and welcoming public spaces in collaboration with the community to ensure local people benefit from new opportunities.