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Investment Opportunities

  1. Pinner
  2. Building Council Homes For Londoners Programme

Investment Opportunities



Waxwell Lane was an underutilised council carpark which the council has sought to optimise to deliver 20 new homes, these consist of 16 homes for private sale, two shared ownership and two for affordable rent. The scheme includes 14 three-bedroom houses and six four-bedroom houses these include two specially designed wheelchair accessible homes. The main project objective was to respond to the local conservation area context and to increase the housing provision locally by creating a well-designed neighbourhood with community living and well-being at its heart.

Completion date: March 22
Development value: £9m

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Building Council Homes For Londoners Programme

Building Council Homes For Londoners Programme

Harrow Council have allocated a number of sites into a programme of works including small infill sites and larger regeneration sites.  The Building Council Homes for Londoners programme (BCHfL) have already completed 106 new homes with another 105 now on site.  These sites provide opportunities including for local small or medium sized developers to deliver carbon neutral new developments using modern methods of construction where possible.  The next phase of the programme will deliver a further 430 homes including our new Milton Road development.

Development value: £31m
Planning status: Feasibility Stages

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Harrow’s Borough Plan provides a clear vision of our future. It focuses on Harrow as a diverse high-achieving place where everyone can feel at home: caring for each other and our environment. Our aspirations encapsulate our sense of community, including: everyone looks after each other, neighbourliness and cohesiveness, sense of belonging, caring for people and the area, and resilience. We have developed clear Principles to underpin that vision, they are:

  • Building homes and infrastructure
  • Thriving economy
  • Improving the environment and addressing climate change
  • Sustaining quality education and training
  • Celebrating communities and cohesion
  • Maintaining low crime and community safety
  • Addressing health and social inequality
  • Addressing health and social care inequality

Population projections 2021 252,651

Population projections 2050 295,959


London plan new homes (ten-year target) 8,020

Building council homes for Londoners (four-year programme) 618

  • We are an enterprising borough — our self-employment is higher than London and Britain.
  • Professional, scientific & technical businesses — we have the highest concentration of these innovative businesses within Harrow.
  • Within outer London and at the national scale — construction sector is the second most prevalent in terms of numbers of businesses.

Kirstan Shiels, Interim Director of Regeneration Programme

“As we look to recover from the challenges of the past two years, the Harrow Strategic Development Partnership, with our new partner Wates Residential, gives us a unique and once in a lifetime opportunity to make a real and lasting difference to the lives of our residents and boost the local economy.   Our ambitious plans will deliver affordable homes, create local jobs, new schools and Council HQ, and re-energise Wealdstone town centre. We’re delighted to work with those who have already invested in Harrow. To those looking who are looking for exciting new opportunities please cand work with us to help ‘Build a Better Harrow’ for all of our residents and businesses.”

  • Putting people first: we want to achieve this through a focus on business growth and job creation, and skills and employment, helping our residents benefit from the jobs created. This will be delivered through accelerating our growth sectors.
  • The Knowledge Economy: Harrow is nationally in the top 10 per cent UK competitiveness, with 60 per cent of Harrow jobs in this sector.
  • The Construction and Green Economy: utilising our existing and future regeneration programmes to stimulate new homes, jobs and deliver a low carbon economy. Focus on Local Town Centres: Harrow metropolitan town centres and our 9 district centres which are our commercial, community and employment hubs.
  • Local Plan Review and Call for Sites: the Local Plan review includes responding to the local housing, employment, town centre and infrastructure challenges. Call for sites will encourage landowners to come forward with sites they are interested in developing.