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Investment Opportunities

  1. Elephant and Castle, SE1, SE17, SE11
  2. Old Kent Road, SE1, SE17, SE15

Investment Opportunities

Elephant and Castle, SE1, SE17, SE11

Elephant and Castle, SE1, SE17, SE11

Southwark Council is leading a 15-year regeneration programme in Elephant and Castle. At the heart of this programme are two major developments: Elephant Park and the new Elephant and Castle Town Centre. The programme will deliver at least 5,000 new and replacement homes and 10,000 new jobs. The Elephant has a rich, cultural tradition and the regeneration will build upon this with more arts, leisure and cultural facilities. It will also create a more environmentally sustainable future for the neighbourhood. New transport infrastructure, new and better parks, open spaces and pedestrianisation will shift the area’s focus away from cars and towards public transport, cycling and walking.

Old Kent Road, SE1, SE17, SE15

Old Kent Road, SE1, SE17, SE15

Its central London location and its unique history and character make Old Kent Road a great place to live, work and do business. Southwark Council is leading a 20-year regeneration programme in the area that will deliver up to 20,000 new homes and 10,000 new jobs. Existing businesses and industry will continue to be supported but so will a range of new commercial uses, from laptops to forklifts, which will help the local economy to grow. New schools, arts facilities and parks and leisure improvements will be delivered, and the council is working with TfL to ensure that the Bakerloo line extension goes ahead, including three new stations for Old Kent Road.

Southwark is a dynamic, central London borough with a diverse and talented population of residents, workers and businesses. Over the past decade, the council has harnessed the full breadth and wealth of this innate talent to help deliver a fairer future for all. A huge amount has already been achieved but now the council is meeting the future with a renewed vigour.

The council’s seven priorities for 2022 to 2026:

· Transforming the borough

· A thriving and inclusive economy

· A healthy environment

· Quality, affordable homes

· Keeping the community safe

· Investing in communities

· Supporting families

This includes plans to:

· Deliver major improvements to Camberwell, Canada Water, Peckham, Old Kent Road and Walworth town centres and The Blue in Bermondsey

· Establish a world class health innovation district (in conjunction with Lambeth) working with our local hospitals, universities and businesses to make Southwark a global centre for urban health and care research and innovation

· Deliver more affordable workspace

· Create 2,000 green jobs for local people and open a new Green Skills Centre

· Support residents to gain skills for work, creating 2,000 apprenticeships and 3,000 training opportunities so local people can take up careers in the borough’s growth industries

· Become a carbon neutral borough by 2030


Population 2021 307,600

Population projections 2050 397,133


London plan new homes (ten-year target) 23,550

Building council homes for Londoners (four-year programme) 926

  • Southwark rivals the City, both as one of the most ancient and historic parts of London but also as one of the fastest developing centres of commerce.
  • More than 300,000 people live in Southwark and just under 330,000 work here.
  • Southwark is building thousands of new council homes more than any other borough.
  • We have 3,333 homes, built or under construction in OKRD with 51% affordable and 1,825 homes currently in site making this the busiest opportunity area in London.
  • At Canada Water we have 1,165 homes built or under construction with 46% being affordable and 561 homes currently on site.
  • At Elephant and Castle we, TfL and Delancey have invested over £20m in the new northern line /bakerloo line station which is being constructed at the moment and will form the first new station on the Bakerloo Line Extension to Lewisham.
  • BLE the plan is to continue developing the Transport and Works Act Order for a submsion in  2028, with a start of construction in 2030 and the opening of the BLE in 2038.
  • As a precursor new rolling stock for the existing Bakerloo Line is planned to be purchased in 2027 at a cost of £270m.
“The COVID-19 pandemic shone a harsh light on the inequalities and injustice that exist throughout our society. Our recovery, in the years to come, will be rooted in tackling these inequalities and creating an even stronger local economy than we had before. Our approach to development is centred on people, livelihoods, wellbeing and opportunities rather than on bricks and mortar or glass and steel and we want to ensure that redevelopment in Southwark delivers for all of our communities. We want to create a borough where everyone has a home they can afford, where everyone can get a good job, where we end our carbon emissions and where everyone is empowered to make the most of their life. To bounce back from COVID-19 we’ll be building on our many strengths like our world leading health and care institutions and cultural industries, our leading cluster of green start-ups and our place as a key hub for London’s construction industries. The groundwork that we’ve laid over the past decade — especially in our opportunity areas, including Canada Water and Old Kent Road — have put Southwark in a much stronger position than most.”

  • A jobs first economic renewal: making sure the local employment support offer meets the needs of residents and employers, particularly those furthest from the labour market.
  • Young people: focus on support for young people to navigate the challenges of the post pandemic labour market. This will include access to information and guidance, education, training and employment support.
  • Inclusive business growth: continue support for businesses to deal with the immediate impact of the crisis and plan for a comprehensive programme of assistance to support inclusive business growth. We will support business to ‘think apprenticeships’, and work with partners to shape the role of  apprenticeships and internships in recovery.
  • Highstreets and town centres: keep the borough’s high streets and town centres safe for all. We will support and work with business networks to determine the best way to work in partnership to support high streets; reimagining these spaces so that they balance health and wellbeing, transport, leisure, and business.
  • Green new deal: use renewal as an opportunity to root its climate change commitments in the local economy and business growth. This will include supporting a green new deal that creates jobs, cuts emissions and generates a new wave of profitable environmental innovation.