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Investment Opportunities

  1. Leytonstone, E11
  2. Leyton, E10

Investment Opportunities

Leytonstone, E11

Leytonstone, E11

Leytonstone continues to provide a vibrant mix of retail, food and drink and a diverse employment offer with some significant heritage and community assets and listed buildings. It is near the Future Whipps Cross new neighbourhood and to attractive green and blue assets and is well connected for transport, being served by the Central line and Overground. The council is undertaking a Town Centre Framework setting out development and public realm investment, including four Site Allocation sites in the borough’s emerging Local Plan (2020 – 2035), which could deliver up to 1,600 new homes, 25,000 sqm new workspace and 3,000 new jobs.

Leyton, E10

Leyton, E10

Plans for Leyton include minimum growth targets of 6,350 new homes and higher density of housing around the Leyton Tube Station. The council intends to deliver co-ordinated new development around a new rail station at Ruckholt Road and intensify development at Leyton Mills, including new quality homes, employment and workspace, appropriate retail provision, cultural uses and supporting social and community infrastructure. Our Local Plan sets out plans for future development at New Spitalfields — in the event the market comes up for redevelopment during the Local Plan period — to create a thriving, mixed-use sustainable neighbourhood, including new quality homes, and jobs.

Waltham Forest is a diverse, creative and vital part of the London we love. In 2019, Waltham Forest became the first ever London Borough of Culture, where we saw residents, businesses and visitors celebrate their diverse cultures and the brilliant borough we are. The strengths seen through the Borough of Culture have continued through the Covid-19 pandemic, with our residents and businesses showing a sense of community and acts of kindness.

Although we are still dealing with the aftermath of the pandemic, our priority is to support our residents and businesses to recover. To do this, we are focusing on job recovery, business support, safe and healthy living, broadening our cultural programme, bringing a new university into the borough and implementing our new 15-minute-neighbourhood scheme. Throughout all of these focuses, climate change also remains a priority for us.

We will build on the work we have achieved so far with our partners, to build a brighter future for Waltham Forest.


Population projections 2021 278,790

Population projections 2050 335,649


London plan new homes (ten-year target) 12,640

Building council homes for Londoners (four-year programme) 293

  • Creative sector: Waltham Forest has been awarded the first GLA accredited Creative Enterprise Zone in London to support those working in the creative sector.
  • Enjoy Waltham Forest: the most effectively implemented borough-wide approach to improve cycling and walking. It includes over 45 kilometres of cycling network installed in the borough.
  • Walthamstow Wetlands: the largest operational wetlands in Europe, which has welcomed more than two million visitors since opening in 2017 — a natural health and wellbeing asset.

Jonathan Martin, Director of Inward Investment

“My highlight for Waltham Forest this past year has to be Fellowship Square. Not only does it hold bragging rights for the fact it has 144 individual jets that can be timed to music, but it’s a place that’s been transformed from essentially a workspace, to a 365-days-a-year cultural hub. Being able to see the joy it provides to children as they play in it during the summer months, right through to hosting winter markets and cultural events, is a blueprint for how to revolutionise a civic area into a living, breathing public space.

Not only does it encapsulate what it means to be a Londoner by embracing our diverse local communities, it also offers a space to have meaningful experiences, totally free to all. And on top of all that, it’s just a stone’s-throw away from other brilliant destinations, such as the William Morris Gallery and soon-to-be renovated Soho Theatre Walthamstow.

I can’t wait to see what the next year brings and how we’ll make Waltham Forest an even better place to live, work and visit.”

Grace Williams, Leader of Waltham Forest Council

  • Business and Economic Recovery: to protect and help the provision of new jobs for our residents and businesses, to mitigate the impact of the Covid-19. Through this work, we’ll support unemployed residents back into good jobs through jobs fairs and job academies.
  • Housebuilding: to confirm our commitment to provide high quality new and affordable homes for our existing and new residents. To ensure that we continue to deliver on our growth ambitions working with our development partners to grow the borough.
  • Walkable neighbourhoods: Living Well to encourage and support the 15-mins walkable neighbourhood where the essentials for good living are found within a walkable distance.
  • Culture-led regeneration: supporting our High Streets and Town Centres to provide vibrant activity, encouraging experiential visits to these areas, alongside the work/retail/ leisure offers, including the development of the Soho Theatre Walthamstow. Supporting our businesses and venues through our Choose Local campaign, highlighting the great economy we have in the borough.
  • Inward Investment:  working with the University of Portsmouth to bring a new University Campus to Waltham Forest, that will deliver a range of benefits for the residents and businesses. The Campus will provide Higher Education capability for up to 5,000 students with lecturers, Research and Development to serve innovation with businesses and generate wider economic benefits across the borough and environs.