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Investment Opportunities

  1. Strand Aldwych, WC2R
  2. Ebury Bridge, SW1W
  3. Church Street, NW8
  4. 300 Harrow Road, W2

Investment Opportunities

Strand Aldwych, WC2R

Strand Aldwych, WC2R

A new destination for London has been created. The Strand Aldwych transformation has converted busy roadways into a major new public space at the Strand and an enhanced pedestrian experience across the Aldwych, including new crossings, wider footways and a new green space. The vision is for the area to become a global creative and cultural quarter and an international beacon for creativity, enterprise and learning.

Strand Aldwych aims to bring the inside out – celebrating the wealth of cultural and educational offer in the area, whilst providing a new green oasis in central London to relax, play and come together. The initial meanwhile intervention at the Strand will is testing how Londoners would like to use the space before the permeant scheme is brought forward.

  • Project Owner: City of Westminster
  • Development cost: £22m
  • Planning status: RIBA Stage 5
  • Completion date: Temporary scheme completed 2022 / Permanent scheme expected completion 2025/27

Image: © Mickey L.F. Lee, courtesy of the Northbank BID

Ebury Bridge, SW1W

Ebury Bridge, SW1W

At Ebury Bridge, we are setting a new standard in estate regeneration. The approved scheme will see the full redevelopment of the estate and the creation of high-quality, sustainable homes. Re-providing all existing 198 and delivering a further 171 new council homes, with 50% of all homes being affordable.

A car-lite scheme, with disabled car parking only. And with pedestrian and cycle transport a top priority. The neighbourhood will benefit from new public spaces, retail, cafés and flexible workspace.  Our innovative meanwhile use provision is fully operational and is providing enterprise and retail space for existing and new businesses in the area and a pipeline of occupiers for the long-term development.

  • Project Owner: Westminster City Council
  • Development cost: c£500m
  • Planning status: Approved (April 2021)
  • Completion date: Phase 1 (May 2024) – Phases 2+ (2026-2030)

Church Street, NW8

Church Street, NW8

A vibrant, busy area, home to one of London’s oldest street markets. The regeneration will deliver over 1,750 new homes across tenures; better routes around the area; green and open spaces; and business and enterprise premises.

Projects that improve health, wellbeing, and employment prospects for local people are already underway, and the programme has a key role to play in the council’s commitment to achieving net zero. There are a huge range of opportunities for genuinely inclusive and diverse organisations to work on this ambitious programme. The council will be looking for a development partner to deliver Site A in the near future.

  • Project Owner: Westminster City Council
  • Development value: Over £1b of investment over the next 15-20 years
  • Development cost: c£400m
  • Planning status: Plans submitted December 2021
  • Completion date: Site A – 2026, Site B – 2031, Site C – 2035

300 Harrow Road, W2

300 Harrow Road, W2

Adjacent to the Grand Union Canal, 112 new truly affordable homes are being created at 300 Harrow Road. Alongside the homes, the scheme will deliver a new nursery, community hall, café, public realm improvements and a new affordable workspace for the creative industries.

The development also benefits from one of the council’s key public realm improvement scheme projects for the area: The Harrow Road Place Plan. As part of the Harrow Road Place Plan, a new canal-side landscaped area will enhance the space making it a more inviting place for people to come and relax. The improvements will include: a new pathway through to the canal, central play space open to all residents, new green space with trees and planting.

  • Project Owner: Westminster City Council
  • Development value: £67.5m
  • Development cost: £67.5m
  • Planning status: Planning approved May 2020
  • Completion date: Autumn 2023


The City of Westminster is the economic powerhouse of the London and UK economy. Home to one-eighth of London’s jobs, our economy is critical to the nation’s economic wellbeing.

Iconic neighbourhoods and famous destinations including the West End, Piccadilly, Leicester Square, Oxford Street, Soho, Paddington, Marylebone and Mayfair offer a rich heritage of museums, galleries, theatres and parks, an outstanding choice of independent, high street and luxury retail and an unparalleled hospitality offer.

Westminster’s unmatched connectivity, quality of life and highly skilled workforce attracts the highest number of start-up and scale-up businesses in the UK. With its unique position at the centre of the UK’s political, academic and diplomatic life, Westminster’s influence is resoundingly international and multicultural. Yet its character is distinctly local.

We’re committed to working with partners including the Mayor of London to ensure there is continued support for our economy to be fairer and thrive – directly benefitting our residents. We’re also accelerating the adoption of innovative solutions and new technology across council services to improve people’s lives, support businesses and address the climate emergency head on.


Population projections 2021 266,033

Population projections 2050 278,091


London plan new homes (ten-year target) 9,850

Building council homes for Londoners (four-year programme) Over 2000 homes by 2035

  • £50bn contribution to the national economy, the highest economic output of any Local Authority
  • Home to the highest number of start-up and scale-up businesses in the UK
  • 749,000 jobs across the City

We are committed to creating a Fairer Westminster.  One in which our residents are at the heart of our decision-making and help to determine the city’s future. By working with you, we can build a more inclusive city that celebrates our diverse communities, and where residents, workers and visitors from all backgrounds will feel welcome, safe and share in the city’s economic success. Our Strategic Objectives for a Fairer Economy are:

  • Westminster remains economically successful, with a diverse, sustainable, resilient economy that delivers growth and benefits for all residents today and in the future.
  • Oxford Street and the West End are reimagined and revived, safeguarding their position in the national economy, and ensuring they deliver a world class offer and experience to residents, businesses, workers and visitors.
  • Small businesses are supported to grow and remain, whilst our local high streets are prepared to face the future, becoming more vibrant and accessible, at the heart of communities.
  • Residents have the right skills to take advantage of the city’s employment opportunities and develop fulfilling careers.

"We are committed to ensuring that Westminster remains economically successful, with sustainable and inclusive growth that benefits residents and future generations. Our local neighbourhoods and high streets are at the heart of our plans to create a Fairer Economy - one with decent jobs for residents, encourages innovative high street uses, delivers greater social impact, and celebrates Westminster's culture and heritage."

Cllr Adam Hug, Leader of Westminster City Council