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As the largest city in Western Europe, London is a big and complex ecosystem of people, institutions and places built over 2,000 years of history. London is governed by 33 different local authorities plus a Greater London Mayor. All are committed to continue to build a city that works for residents, businesses, investors and visitors. All seek to meet the highest sustainability standards and respect rich historical and natural heritage.

This is no easy task. The London development system can mystify new investors, but Opportunity London is your partner to advise and support. We have tools in place to aid your investment journey in London:

  Dedicated Support

  Investor Guide

Dedicated Support

Opportunity London has a team in place to support your investment journey into and across London.

 Gateway to London’s ecosystem: Providing a trusted and credible contact for engagement with London’s investible opportunities.

 Cross-border capital introductions: Connecting investors within London’s pipeline of projects and landowners.

 Investor-ready portfolio: Showcase of investible projects across London, developed in conjunction with our partners and London boroughs.

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Investor Guide

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This is a city which has perfected the balance between old and new – London’s heritage is treasured, but change is welcomed, and the city will continue to evolve. The Mayor of London and leaders from across the capital are seeking partners that share their values, to provide long-term investment with a bold vision.

London has systemic advantages which make it an attractive destination for investment. Whilst its systems may be perceived as complex, they are well-established, stable and transparent.

The purpose of this Guide is to provide information and support for those considering investing in the development market in London; and it covers the journey from finding a development site; to working-up a scheme; to then building the scheme.

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This Guide doesn’t cover the secondary investment market; and focusses on planning and development systems, as opposed to the financial regime around investment.